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brand new tube hacker’s tips

August 14, 2022, 06:44 PM

Cybersecurity 101 featuring BrandNewTube and boomer administrators.

1) Remove rewrite rules for the admin panel. After all, only staff know how to access this area.
2) Remove FFMPEG-injectable elements from the admin panel. AJAX requests have become self aware and stop working when UI elements are gone.
3) Run a prehistoric version of the already vulnerable CMS (and nulled). Dragging and dropping newer update files is too hard. What’s the worse that can happen, anyway?
4) Use an AV that scans every set interval. Threat actors are slow and won’t have enough time to do any damage!

LOL! This is fucking great. Love ya @thrax

(August 14, 2022, 06:26 PM)thekilob Wrote:

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