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You Only Look Once – YOLOv5

(…) Ultralytics open-source research into future object detection methods, and incorporates our lessons learned and best practices evolved over training thousands of models on custom client datasets with our previous YOLO repository code and models are under active development, and are subject to modification or deletion without notice. Use at your own risk.

 No More Google

 No More Google

Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don’t track you

Google Chrome
6642 pts Firefox
2044 pts Vivaldi
1969 pts Safari
1926 pts Brave
1125 pts Opera
Google Search
4952 pts Duck Duck Go
1053 pts Qwant
946 pts Startpage
611 pts SearX
Google Chrome Passwords
1963 pts 1Password
1925 pts KeePass
1788 pts LastPass
1188 pts BitWarden
543 pts Dashlane
199 pts Enpass
Google Analytics
797 pts Matomo
407 pts Amplitude
207 pts Fathom
Google Mail
2947 pts FastMail
2461 pts ProtonMail
542 pts Zoho Mail
408 pts Tutanota
398 pts GMX
354 pts Canary Mail
Google Docs
1223 pts Notion
546 pts Bear Writer
437 pts Workflowy
431 pts Zoho
188 pts Quip
66 pts Zoho Docs
Google Sheets
905 pts Airtable
431 pts Zoho
404 pts Coda
188 pts Quip
1501 pts Vimeo
804 pts PeerTube
539 pts Dailymotion
83 pts DTube
Google Maps for Websites
613 pts Leaflet
563 pts Mapbox
306 pts Map 🐈
291 pts Nextzen
Google AdWords
148 pts BuySellAds
Google Authenticator
1048 pts Authy
851 pts 1Password
689 pts AndOTP
416 pts Duo
Google Blogger
1323 pts WordPress
1103 pts Medium
656 pts Ghost
396 pts Squarespace
Google DNS
1757 pts Cloudflare
793 pts OpenDNS
476 pts Quad9
Google Drive
1668 pts Dropbox
1118 pts Nextcloud
948 pts MEGA
431 pts Zoho
385 pts Arq Backup
246 pts Backblaze
69 pts SpiderOak
Google Finance
404 pts Bravos
Google Flights
940 pts Skyscanner
340 pts Skiplagged
217 pts Kiwi
65 pts Hipmunk
Google Hangouts
2191 pts Telegram
1806 pts Signal
502 pts Discord
472 pts Slack
437 pts
308 pts Wire
73 pts Zoom
15 pts Stealthy
Google Images
1019 pts Unsplash
757 pts Pexels
454 pts 500px
424 pts TinEye
Google Maps
1413 pts OpenStreetMap
1008 pts Here
Google Poly
32 pts Sketchfab
6 pts TurboSquid
Google Scholar
272 pts arXiv
Google Translate
565 pts WordReference
458 pts
415 pts Deepl
Google Weather
893 pts Dark Sky

bigdata – Global Science Research (GSR)

About us

Global Science Research (GSR) was founded to optimize marketing strategies with the power of big data and psychological sciences. Our innovative methods produce insight on a revolutionary scale, empowering clients to understand consumers, markets, and competitors more deeply and accurately than ever before. GSR’s team is formed of experienced business analysts and leading academics, all of whom are experienced in helping companies utilize the power of psychology in the customer journey. Our innovative methods produce consumer insight on a revolutionary scale, empowering our clients to understand their consumers, markets, and competitors more deeply and accurately than ever before.

The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale


  • Hadoop: We have multiple clusters storing over 500 PB divided in four groups (real time, processing, data warehouse and cold storage). Our biggest cluster is over 10k nodes. We run 150k applications and launch 130M containers per day.

  • Manhattan(the backend for Tweets, Direct Messages, Twitter accounts, and more): We run several clusters for different use cases such as large multi tenant, smaller for non common, read only, and read/write for heavy write/heavy read traffic patterns. The read/only cluster handles 10s of millions QPS whereas a read/write cluster handles millions of QPS. The highest performance cluster, our observability cluster, which ingests in every datacenter, handles over tens of million writes.

  • Graph: Our legacy Gizzard/MySQL based sharded cluster for storing our graphs. Flock, our social graph, can manage peaks over tens of million QPS, averaging our MySQL servers to 30k – 45k QPS.

  • Blobstore: Our image, video and large file store where we store hundreds of billions objects.

  • Cache: Our Redis and Memcache clusters: caching our users, timelines, tweets and more.

  • SQL: This includes MySQL, PostgreSQL and Vertica. MySQL/PosgreSQL are used where we need strong consistency, managing ads campaign, ads exchange as well as internal tools. Vertica is a column store often used as a backend for Tableau supporting sales and user organisations.