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Adios Pingdom

After 10 years of using for free Pingdom….

To ensure the best possible product experience for SolarWinds® Pingdom® users, and to focus our resources and investment on this next phase of our product development, we will no longer offer our free plans as of February 6, 2019. To continue enjoying the benefits of Pingdom, all free users will need to sign up for a paid subscription plan option by this date.
You can upgrade your plan and receive a special offer of a 50% discounted rate for a period of two years!
Starting now, you have full access to all of the Pingdom functionality through February 6, 2019. Below, you can see a number of additional features that our Starter plan offers over your current free plan.

dashboard for VMware, SNMP, REST API and more

Simple dashboard system for sysadmins with modules for VMware, SNMP, REST API and more

SysAdminBoard is a simple dashboard system written in Python, HTML and Javascript and served on a simple CherryPy Webserver (included). It was originally written to reformat snmp data for the Panic Statusboard iPad App, but has since become a fully stand-alone project that can grab data from a variety of sources and render charts and graphs in a web browser.