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Snowden and Clouds – will Snowden kill the cloud vipe?

This tension became evident in a recent HipChat interview where HipChat, makers of an AWS based SaaS chat product, were busy creating an on-premises version of their product that could operate behind the firewall in enterprise datacenters. This is consistent with other products from Atlassian in that they do offer hosted services as well as installable services, but it is also an indication of customer concerns over privacy and security.

Read more at: http://highscalability.com/blog/2014/1/8/under-snowdens-light-software-architecture-choices-become-mu.html


Hadoop on Amazon and AirBnB


First, it uses Hadoop to support its associates program, in which affiliates post links to Amazon-based products on their websites and get a percentage of related revenue. Originally, Rauser explained, Amazon developers wrote three separate applications in C++ to process and analyze data associated with these transactions to determine how much to pay each affiliate. But the system quickly began to run up against scaling issues, particularly every fourth quarter (typically the busiest quarter of the year for Amazon.) Continue reading Hadoop on Amazon and AirBnB