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Raid 1 and Raid 0 explained


I’m afraid you dont even get something as simple as:
Raid 1 : faast
Raid 0 : slow

Raid 1 brings safety by allowing you to half of screwed drives
Raid 0 brings you the comfort to know that when a drive is crashed, you can go home. To cry.

But speed wise it’s a different story:
– You have twice the same data, so write speed should be, let’s say, “normal
– You have 2 disks to read from. With the proper disks, controllers and bla bla, you read faster.

Raid 0:
– You write faster
– You read faster

So, in some cases where you require those little boosts, and the data is not “i’m going to kill myself if i lose this” important, then why not, just stack a few extra drives nearby ;)

In jflory’s case, a failed drive, would mean both drives are not useable, then waiting for the replacement, and timing … Yes that’s a lot of downtime for gaining a few G you might be able to save up anyway.

Dont be that guy Jflory!