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Can’t find routes.php in Laravel 5

A video on Laracast says that routes.php is inside ./app/Http/.
Can’t find it.

I’m trying to figure it out and update this post! ūüôā


OK!, almost 24hours later…
But!, I hadn’t been all this time looking for the solution.

YES!, I’v seen it before and tried but didn’t worked…

I was trying to use Laravel Annotation, but with no success.

OK!, heres the real sh*t.

We can have routes.php on Laravel 5 inside app/Http.

We need to active it on¬†app/Providers/RouteServiceProvider.php, by uncomment¬†require app_path(‘Http/routes.php’);.

You will need to update the “route:list” or what they call…
This is how…

php artisan clear-compiled
php artisan route:scan

and list them on console…

php artisan route:list

Your routes should work now.

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