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The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale


  • Hadoop: We have multiple clusters storing over 500 PB divided in four groups (real time, processing, data warehouse and cold storage). Our biggest cluster is over 10k nodes. We run 150k applications and launch 130M containers per day.

  • Manhattan(the backend for Tweets, Direct Messages, Twitter accounts, and more): We run several clusters for different use cases such as large multi tenant, smaller for non common, read only, and read/write for heavy write/heavy read traffic patterns. The read/only cluster handles 10s of millions QPS whereas a read/write cluster handles millions of QPS. The highest performance cluster, our observability cluster, which ingests in every datacenter, handles over tens of million writes.

  • Graph: Our legacy Gizzard/MySQL based sharded cluster for storing our graphs. Flock, our social graph, can manage peaks over tens of million QPS, averaging our MySQL servers to 30k – 45k QPS.

  • Blobstore: Our image, video and large file store where we store hundreds of billions objects.

  • Cache: Our Redis and Memcache clusters: caching our users, timelines, tweets and more.

  • SQL: This includes MySQL, PostgreSQL and Vertica. MySQL/PosgreSQL are used where we need strong consistency, managing ads campaign, ads exchange as well as internal tools. Vertica is a column store often used as a backend for Tableau supporting sales and user organisations.



Scheduled tweets

I’m working on a Social Network App for a client…
On the research, i’v found some nice stuffs to look at….

Business Scheduled Tweets


Schedule messages to your social networks, we take care of the rest



OMG, it’s a Twitter™ buffer!
Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release.


Fabric, the easiest way to build the best apps, from Twitter



Introducing the most powerful, yet lightest weight crash reporting solution.


Beta by Crashlytics

The Most Seamless Beta Distribution Experience for You and Your Testers.

We applied the Crashlytics expertise to beta distribution. The result: a streamlined solution for distributing apps that gives you a single, cross-platform toolset for iOS and Android, and a delightful, effortless onboarding for your testers.


Sign in with Twitter

The fast and safe way for people to sign in to your app or website.


Growth, simplified.

Finally, user onboarding that helps you grow your app.

Tweet Embeds

The easiest way to bring Twitter content into your app.

Answers by Crashlytics

No Analysis Required.

Finally, mobile app analytics you don’t need to analyze. Built into our existing, award-winning Crashlytics Kit.



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