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“From: Jeremy
Subject: Do you pass the real webhosting IP to search engines?

Hello Matt,

Thank you for contacting CloudFlare.

We have registered our IPs with Google and Bing as a CDN provider to prevent a negative impact to your page rank. Major crawlers do not penalize for IP changes if they are from a CDN since those IPs change very frequently.

No, we do not pass the source IP of your origin server to crawlers. There is no standardized way to do so. Crawlers only know the IP that your domain resolves to, which would be CloudFlare IPs if the service is active.

Let us know if you have any other questions.”



zencoder – what do they use…


  • aspera


Only encoding/transcoding
Encoding, hosting and video players

Stack Overflow servers on 13-12-2009

I’m in LOVE with stackoverflow/serverfault tech blogs…!
Gonna let you guys, the hardware photos/list that i’v grabbed from their blog…

Stack Overflow Rack Glamour Shots


  • 5x 1U web servers
    2.83 Ghz quad core, 8 GB RAM, 2 drive RAID 1

  • Primary 2U database server
    3.33 Ghz quad core x 2, 48 GB RAM, 6 drive RAID 10

  • Backup 2U database server
    2.5 Ghz quad core x 2, 24 GB RAM, 6 drive RAID 10

  • QNAP TS-409U network attached storage device
    500 Mhz CPU, embedded Linux, hot-plug 4 drive RAID 6

  • Netgear GS724Tv3 ProSafe switch
    24 ports, gigabit, managed SNMP, web interface

  • Tripp-Lite RS-1215-20 12 outlet power
    stripseriously? it’s a friggin’ power strip. Oh fine.


visualize logs and time-stamped data

elasticsearch works seamlessly with kibana to let you see and interact with your data

manage events and logs

elasticsearch works seamlessly with logstash to collect, parse, index, and search logs

search your hadoop data and get real-time results

deep api integration makes searching data in hadoop easy

How to get the MAC address from Linux with PHP?

MAC address from Linux with PHP

function getMacLinux() {
  exec('netstat -ie', $result);
  if(is_array($result)) {
    $iface = array();
    foreach($result as $key => $line) {
      if($key > 0) {
        $tmp = str_replace(" ", "", substr($line, 0, 10));
        if($tmp <> "") {
          $macpos = strpos($line, "HWaddr");
          if($macpos !== false) {
            $iface[] = array('iface' => $tmp, 'mac' =>strtolower(substr($line, $macpos+7, 17)));
    return $iface[0]['mac'];
  } else {
    return "notfound";


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