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Virtualization hardware requirements?

The Host Server is the physical computer that will host your virtual machines. The host server can be a machine you’ve rented from one of our partners or one of your own in-house machines. This guide shows how to use one of your own machines as a host server.


  • 64 bit x86 processor with Intel® VT or AMD-V™ technology.

  • CD/DVD-ROM reader or USB port.

  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM.

  • Hard drive (min 20 GB) or NFS storage.




HipHop for PHP (shortened as HipHop) describes a series of PHP execution engines and improvements created by Facebook. The original motivation of HipHop was to save resources on Facebook servers, given the large PHP codebase of As development of HipHop progressed, it was realized that HipHop could substantially increase the speed of PHP applications in general. Increases in web page generation throughput by factors of up to 6 have been observed over Zend PHP.



Setup a test environment for HipHop VM.
The final VM will contain HHVM, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, ab.

Some graphs comparing PHP 5.3, PHP 5.5 and HHVM.

Fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS – fail to login

I was having some troubles trying to make the first login on my Ubuntu Server…

No root, no root password… even the username that i’v created while setting it up wasn’t working… eventually after some 20 times trying it worked….. funny!

Root Password for Ubuntu Fresh Installation? There isn’t.


is the solution.