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Today, on a work for a client, i’v found Bugsnag.


Detect and diagnose crashes in your applications

Bugsnag’s cross platform error monitoring helps you ship with confidence

  • Full-stack crash detection

    Add a line of code to your web framework, mobile app or JavaScript to start capturing crashes in real-time

  • Alerts & workflow integration

    Email, SMS, plus integrations with chat systems and issue trackers that keep you in the know, wherever you are

  •  Advanced crash diagnostics

    Get to the root cause of crashes faster with detailed stacktraces, device and request information, and more – toggle tree view and remote-ftp

I’m using for a days now…
It’s awesome BUT it has some small UX problems that need to be fixed.


OK!, the two problems that I’v faced and how I managed to solve them – they are basically the same -.

Tree view from and remote tree-view from remote-ftp weren’t opening some times.

The solution is easy!, we need to have a project open on the current window.

More readings

If we trying to save a remote file, with remote-ftp, and we don’t have permissions to do it, no error is returned… :/

Found today

The Solution – UserStats™ shows your visitors instant and real time usage statistics – putting their mind at rest and allowing you to grow conversions, engagement and sales.

casestudy_tweetstork casestudy_dllfiles

“Companies from Basecamp to eBay use social proof statistics in some form or another, but what UserStats™ is attempting to do with their tools is make it easy to implement and accessible to everyone in terms of cost. ”
Search Engine Watch is from