Monthly Archives: March 2014

DigitalOcean – redesigned

DigitalOcean’s home page has been redesigned!

Its always to keep a historic of some of the  webpages of services that lead the way and some how mark us. DigitalOcean is one of them….
As MediaTemple… who remember that and were different on their business target? I do!

Actually I have 3 droplets @ DigitalOcean.
F*cking faster that those VPSs with CPanels, etc etc etc.

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Getty Images – 35 million photos for free

We can now use 35 million photos for free on our non-commercial works.


The world’s largest photo library, Getty Images, is to allow the bulk of its 35 million images to be reproduced online for free. The move, which Getty says is to help adjust to “the new realities” of social media, is aimed primarily for those publishing on social media feeds and blogs.