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TextBelt A free, open source API for outgoing texts.


A free, open source API for outgoing texts.

Maintained by Ian Webster. Open source on github.

TextBelt is a REST API that sends outgoing SMS. It is available as a public service or as an internally self-hosted server.

Textbelt uses carrier-specific gateways to deliver your text messages for free, and without ads. The service is fairly reliable and has sent over 1 million texts.

Send a text with a simple POST request:


Today, on a work for a client, i’v found Bugsnag.


Detect and diagnose crashes in your applications

Bugsnag’s cross platform error monitoring helps you ship with confidence

  • Full-stack crash detection

    Add a line of code to your web framework, mobile app or JavaScript to start capturing crashes in real-time

  • Alerts & workflow integration

    Email, SMS, plus integrations with chat systems and issue trackers that keep you in the know, wherever you are

  •  Advanced crash diagnostics

    Get to the root cause of crashes faster with detailed stacktraces, device and request information, and more


algolia – hosted cloud search as a service




Found Algolia the other day on
Looks cool to try to look out it works…
They have a blog where they post some interesting articles about the service…

Moreover, Algolia is very easy to implement on your website as the company opted for a SaaS strategy. It means that you can implement the company’s search engine for database objects in just a few lines of code thanks to its hosted API, feed the service with JSON-formatted data, and customize it to your needs. After that, your users can start searching right away. They will interact with Algolia’s servers without ever leaving your site. With 12 different data centers across the world, Algolia tries to make the experience as responsive as possible for its users.



Some more readings


In Portugal we have a word similar to Algolia… and it isn’t good!

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