My cPanel page was misconfigured with CloudFlare and had a strange IP on ‘Last Login From’

Today I’v logged in on my cPanel and is was misconfigured.

First thoughts was about cPanel had performed a bad update to cPanel from my hosting company (we always try to put the problems on the others), but then I’v logged in in a different account, in this case with no CloudFlare and I’v realised that the issue was caused by CloudFlare.

This was the screen that I saw, and note to that strange IP on the Last Login From,, that belongs to CloudFlare.

Network information (

Reverse DNS (PTR record)	not available
ASN number	13335
ASN name (ISP)	CLOUDFLARENET - CloudFlare, Inc.
IP-range/subnet -

So, easily to pass-trought this problem, the best/fast solution is to do directly to the cpanel using the subdomain that allows you to access your server directly without passing through the CloudFlare network, in this case is the default – direct

Before find the solution, sent a ticket to CloudFlare, this was their answer to me.

Lyn (CloudFlare Support)
Mar 27 01:45 pm (PDT)

Hello. thank you for contacting CloudFlare!

Unless you have mod_cloudflare installed, visitor IPs will appear to be CloudFlare IPs.

Alternatively, you can use the cpanel subdomain.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Best Regards,
Lyn Hines

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