Some house offers

Server Housing offer

Server Housing from 1U to 4U – house your server in our highly secured data center.

1U 2U
Monthly fee 99.- 139.-
Setup fee 199.- 199.-
Connection 1 Gbps
Bandwidth 100 Mbps CDR 95% [8]
IPv4 adresses 1 1
IPv6 adresses /48 /48
Available power supply [1] 160 W
Network uptime 99.9 %
Fire protection (gas) yes yes
Emergency power yes yes
Redundant air conditioning yes yes
Access control yes yes
24/7 video surveillance yes yes
Detailed statistics yes yes
Emergency duty 24×7
Support Email and phone
Data center location Zurich, Switzerland
Minimum contract duration Only 1 month

Prices in (CHF) excl. VAT

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