aspera and zencoder

Zencoder is the performance leader in cloud-based video encoding, with the fastest and most widely used solution in the market. Fast encoding speeds, extreme scalability, and an easy API integration enable content providers to quickly deploy Internet video to consumers on virtually any Internet connected device. Seamless integration with Aspera high-speed transfers ensures the fastest content ingest significantly shortening end-to-end production time.


  • Aspera fasp embedded directly within Zencoder
  • Ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files and immediate start and parallel processing of encoding jobs

“We’re seeing upwards of 500 megabits per second of throughput up to the cloud, which, depending on some variables, is an incredible improvement above just standard FTP or HTTP.” A transfer of a one-hour DNxHD video file that could take 10 hours over FTP, now completes in less than 26 minutes using Aspera. On top of high-speed transfers, Aspera’s patented fasp transfer technology encrypts files in transit and at rest, assuring bulletproof security for business-critical content.


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