Atom is now available for Mac users!


Atom is now available for Mac users and is open source, naturally. The company plans on releasing Linux and Windows versions very soon.

# Welcome to the Atom!

1. To help us improve the editor, Atom sends anonymous usage information. See
[atom/metrics]( for details on how to disable
the metrics package and what information is tracked.

2. If you only remember one thing make it `cmd-shift-P`. This keystroke toggles
the command palette, which lists every Atom command. Yes, you can try it now!
Press `cmd-shift-P`, type `markdown` and press enter. It will trigger the
`markdown-preview:show` command which renders this text to HTML.

4. Here is where you can get more help with Atom

* The [Atom docs]( contain Guides and the API
* Discuss Atom at [](
* The [Atom Org]( This is where all GitHub created Atom
packages can be found.

5. If you ever want to see this buffer again use the command palette
(`cmd-shift-P`) and search for `Welcome`.


“There is no other platform more flexible than the web, and so we built Atom using the same technologies. Extending Atom is as simple as writing JavaScript and CSS, two languages used by millions of developers each day, making it remarkably hackable,” the company wrote in an official blog post.


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