Armand van Helden – The Tear drop

The Tear Drop
(drop it drop it drop it…)
A leviathan exhalation of extant laser lightning electricity
a jetflash furor of fervent flame ferocity
A spectacular son et lumiere of vivifying vivacity
a whizzbang dazzling display of explomongous luminosity . . .
A buttress breaching barrage blast
a tumultuous thunderbolt tirade
An annihilating eradicating avalanche of absolute absolution
An antiseptic antidote against antipathetic anathemas
a cacophonous clamorcadenza, a column crumbling cannonade
A rolling rumbling tremorquake
that shakes the belly of the earth
That cleanses and purifies
and expedites a revitalizing rebirth

The Tear Drop

And now the teardrop is growing . . . growing
larger . . . larger . . . brighter . . . brilliantine
An ecospheric protoplasmic bubble
of translucent membranous crystalline
Containing a polysomatic fetus
of biogeniological perfection
Crafted out of the souls of Gods and Goddesses
Joined for incarnation

Olympus, Zeus, Yahweh, Jove
Rama, Brahma, Vidar, Kronos
Aphrodite, Zubird, Susanoo
Ahura Mazda, Logos
Immanuel, Jupiter, Hera, Epona
Angus, Hel, Hyperion
Vulcan, Apollo, Ninigino, Indra
Dylan, Aditi, Poseidon
Dharma, Lei Kung, Manitou, Hoder
Odin, Mars, Ganapati
Shiva, Papsukai, Horus, Ceres
Neptune, Ra, Parvati
Phoebus, Danu, Helios, Mohammed
Mikoto, Cupid, Dagon
Venus, Juggernaut, Ma Wang, Diana
Kala, Vanir, Persephone, Og
Juno, Neman, Frey and Freya
Isis, Kalki, Chandi, Garuda
Lug, Lir, Kali, Savitar
Yen Lo, Lahmu, Osiris, Buddha
Sarasvati, Kitra, Asapurna, Nina
Cheng Wu, Bhudevi, Tashmit, Bhaga
Thor, Gishbar, Eros, Daksha
Krishna, Inari, Lu Tung Pin, Baba
And Ashur, et al . . .

An amalgamation of holy headliners
all together . . . immersed in a holy embryo
Bathing in the holy waters of Amniotis
surrounded by a holy halo

A cosmic concertina of holy cooperation
between minds, bodies and spirits
In a past, present and futurama
concentrating into one single holy birth
on one single holy spot
the Alpha and Omega of plenipotent prana
Focusing all energy into a single moment
of singular meditation
Holding time and space in a static vacuum
of silent expectation

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