Install FFMPEG on Centos / CPanel FFmpeg Static Builds

Download the latest FFmpeg Static Builds from

How to know if we need to download the 32 or 64 bits?
Lets run:

cat /etc/*release*
CentOS release 6.6 (Final)

Or using uname (more reliable)

uname -m

I’v download it do a specific folder


And the run the following command to uncompress it:

tar xf ffmpeg-git-64bit-static.tar.xz

To run ffmpeg or ffprobe we need to give the full path to them!

It worked!

With the lastest versions!



-bash-3.2$ tar -xf ffmpeg-git-64bit-static.tar.xz 
tar: This does not look like a tar archive
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers
tar: Read 5668 bytes from ffmpeg-git-64bit-static.tar.xz
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

tar version (fuckz!)

tar (GNU tar) 1.15.1

Well, this machine, where I got this error, is a managed server…
I didn’t bored to ask support to upgrade TAR or install XZ… but if you want, you can install XZ and then…

xz -d archive.tar.xz
tar xvf archive.tar

It might work! 🙂
Btw! On old machines kernel might not be compatible

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