HugeDomains, a review by Scott Phillips

Recently I’v been looking for some domain names for some projects… has a lot of domains for sale…

Here is a nice review made by Scott Phillips.

We were in the process of setting up a new website and needed a domain name. Unfortunately, it was already taken! already owned it and wanted $1,495 for it. In my opinion that’s an outrageously high sum of money for this particular domain name. Their website offers a one click buy button for the domain at the full asking price. Since we weren’t willing to do that, I sent an email inquiring about the domain to see if they even negotiate. Around a month later we received a reply from Christian Bosse, on behalf of, he invited us to submit an offer for the domain.

At this point we needed to figure out how much we valued the domain. We were certainly not willing to spend the full asking price for the domain and after a long conversation about it we settled that our maximum amount we were willing to pay was $700, but that we’d make an an initial offer at $400. We received their reply to our initial offer very quickly, just a few hours later. The reply stated that HugeDomains won’t accept less than $500 for any domain that they sell. It then goes on to say that for domains in the $1500 range they typically accept offers in the $800 – $1000 range depending on “certain” factors. What those factors are, I have no idea. At they very end Christian adds one more wrinkle stating that our next offer would be “final”, what does that mean?

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