Stack Overflow: The Architecture – 2016 Edition


So what’s changed in the last 2 years? Besides replacing some servers and network gear, not much. Here’s a top-level list of hardware that runs the sites today (noting what’s different since 2013):

  • 4 Microsoft SQL Servers (new hardware for 2 of them)

  • 11 IIS Web Servers (new hardware)

  • 2 Redis Servers (new hardware)

  • 3 Tag Engine servers (new hardware for 2 of the 3)

  • 3 Elasticsearch servers (same)

  • 4 HAProxy Load Balancers (added 2 to support CloudFlare)

  • 2 Networks (each a Nexus 5596 Core + 2232TM Fabric Extenders, upgraded to 10Gbps everywhere)

  • 2 Fortinet 800C Firewalls (replaced Cisco 5525-X ASAs)

  • 2 Cisco ASR-1001 Routers (replaced Cisco 3945 Routers)

  • 2 Cisco ASR-1001-x Routers (new!)


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