Engineering Manager, Velocity Squad & Head of Data requirements example

Engineering Manager, Velocity Squad

  • Solid understanding and experiences with backend, operations, and data engineering. Technologies you’ll have to touch upon include
    • AWS,
    • Go,
    • Python,
    • Node.js,
    • PHP,
    • MySQL,
    • redis,
    • memcached,
    • Docker,
    • Kubernetes,
    • Kafka,
    • Airflow,
    • Spark,
    • Terraform,
    • Ansible,
    • TravisCI,
    • DataDog,
    • SumoLogic, and
    • PagerDuty

Head of Data

  • Broad knowledge of data science, data engineering, and data analytics, with expertise in at least one of these disciplines (but two preferred), including areas such as:
    —> Applied machine learning in areas such as natural language processing, information retrieval, recommendation systems, and computational advertising
    —> Large scale experimentation: experimental design, adaptive experimentation methods (such as bandit optimization and reinforcement learning), contextual decision-making, automated A/B testing
    —> Data engineering:
    • distributed systems,
    • AWS/GCP,
    • Hadoop/Spark/Kafka/HBase/Cassandra/ElasticSearch and
    • data pipelines

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