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Who remembers ARJ?

ARJ has a 10-plus year track record of good speed, compression and the most flexibility of any archiver. In addition, it will run on most PCs from the IBM PC XT to Pentium IIIs and is compatible from version 1.0 to present.

The major features of ARJ 2.86 include:

  • Windows 95, 98, Millenium long filename support in ARJ
  • Windows style wildcard support
  • Ability to execute a command after self-extraction of files
  • Automatic handling of more than 99 volumes
  • Ability to process and archive up to 50,000 files at one time (registered support for up to 260,000 files at one time)
  • Ability to store up to 250 backups (chapters) within a single archive and restore any specific backup
  • Excellent file compression in terms of resulting archive size and speed
  • Unmatched flexibility in archiver usage
  • Support for Windows file date-time created and accessed
  • Data damage protection option storing data within the archive
  • Improved chapter archive and multiple volume support
  • Year 2000 compliance