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MPEG-DASH – Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP

Some references to MPEG-DASH.

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), also known as MPEG-DASH
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MPEG-DASH — technology of the new generation, allow to broadcast the adaptive video stream. The data broke into fragments and are transfer to the client on the protocol of HTTP. It allowed to transfer reliably video through exist HTTP инфрастуктуру, to overcome the proxy server, and also without serious consequences to transfer problems with a network, changes of network addresses itd.

DASH — Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP. The standard of DASH ISO/IEC 23009-1:2012 were develop by group of MPEG in 2011The technology of MPEG-DASH as a whole are similarto other known technology of HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) which is develop by the company of Apple and widely us on mobile devices with iOS and Android. The flow are present in the form of small fragments on duration and the playlist (manifesto) contain meta data of a flow and the reference to fragments.

In MPEG-DASH in nginx-rtmp-module: live video in the browser without flesh


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