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uniregistry a few days later..

This is how it looks..
My concerns about any registrar is if they steal our domains…
I’v heard some big complains about some companies taking/ripping out their costumers…
But if a guy with almost 600 domains, like Doron Vermaat moves them to Uniregistry that might be a good sign. Lets see how it ends.



Some more readings


Just bought a domain at uniregistry.com

I did! They interface is hot – no cross sales, forced sales and other *shitty* sales techniques.

My affiliate link to uniregistry! 🙂

Yes! google.com! 🙂uniregistry-domain

US$ 10.88… ya, 99cents + expensive than mydomain.com.
But I decided to move forward with this to test them.




YÉH! 5.44 TopCoin!
I don’t know what the heck is this but I decided to accept it.

Topcoin is designed to reward your most loyal customers with incentives to make repeat purchases of your products.

I’v connected it with paypal and activated PRIVACY LINK – looks like its FREE!

Free privacy and 5.44 TopCoin (half of my purchase value in TopCoin)?!
I can’t believe!

Uniregistry Main Panel


Editing my domain’s configurations/setting


Editing Name Servers

f*ck! we can set default name servers for future new domains. :’)

uniregistry-domain5 2 Setting up the DNS records



Once again, my affiliate link to uniregisty! 🙂