Install Plesk in CentOS

I’m installing a Plesk on a virtual machine, in a fresh CentOS.

For non-fresh CentOS  or with f Apache, PHP, MySQL and/or Cyrus, remove them.

yum remove http* 
yum remove php* 
yum remove cyrus* 
yum remove mysql*

1. Disable SELinux status

setenforce 0

3. Make a working directory and go inside her 😉

mkdir /root/plesk
cd /root/plesk

4. Download the plesk auto installer


5. Run it

 sh ./plesk-installer

Now is just follow the screens! 🙂

 All stages of the installation/upgrade have been finished.
 psa is now running on your system.
 To complete the system configuration process, please proceed to URL:
 https://localhost.localdomain:8443/ or
 Use 'root' and '<YOUR root PASSWORD>' as login name and password in case of fresh installation.
 Use 'admin' and '<YOUR admin PASSWORD>' as login name and password in case of upgrade,
 or if Plesk is already configured.

Further, use the following commands to start and stop the system:
 /etc/init.d/psa start and
 /etc/init.d/psa stop respectively.


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