LogicMonitor – SaS Monitoring Service


Setting up the monitoring on all of your devices may seem daunting, but auto-discovery makes it simple. There is no need to know what objects on a device to monitor, or even how to configure them. All you need to know is the hostname or IP address, and Active Discovery does the identification and configuration. Some of the items that it looks for on each device include:

  • Interfaces
  • Volumes
  • Physical disks
  • Temperature sensors
  • Virtual IPs
  • VPN links
  • DSU/CSUs
  • Applications


  • Performance Monitoring of anything in your stack
  • Unlimited Free Email & SMS Alerts
  • Alert Routing & Escalation
  • Historical Trending Data Stored for 1 Year
  • Syslog Monitoring
  • Event Monitoring
  • Batch Job Monitoring
  • Remote Sessions
  • Customizable Dashboards with Dynamic Content
  • Automatic Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Bank-Grade Security
  • Company-Wide Training
  • Phone, Email, Chat Support
  • Ongoing Upgrades
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Collectors



“Price” comparison – Nagios vs LogicMonitor (their values)

HipChat integration

At LogicMonitor, we make a cloud based monitoring solution, which tracks billions of metrics a day for businesses around the world. While looking for a way to increase collaboration and community between our various team members who are spread across multiple timezones and continents, I started looking at my old friend IRC. IRC servers are still non-trivial to set up and secure, and still (especially for those not of the technical tilt) not the easiest platform to use, so I found HipChat.




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