How to install Laravel 5 5.0-dev / 4.3

Since we need composer, lets install it.

We have to have installed curl and php-cli on our server.

  • curl
    apt-get install curl
  • php-cli
    apt-get install php5-cli

Lets now install composer.

curl -sS | php

Lets now move composer to /user/local/bin/composer so we can run it anywhere in the system.

mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

Inside the folder that we want to put Laravel 5, in my case /home/webroot/ lets run

/usr/local/bin/composer create-project laravel/laravel www2 dev-develop

Simple and fast.


Inside the folder, that we installer laravel /home/webroot/ lets run

php artisan -V

HOORAY! Laravel Framework version 5.0-dev!



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