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CSS – ellipsis – limit text on a div to a specific height or limit a line to non-wrap/break

Limit text on a div to a specific height

.giveMeEllipsis {
   overflow: hidden;
   text-overflow: ellipsis;
   display: -webkit-box;
   -webkit-box-orient: vertical;
   -webkit-line-clamp: N; /* number of lines to show */
   line-height: X;        /* fallback */
   max-height: X*N;       /* fallback */


Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3922739/limit-text-length-to-n-lines-using-css

Limit a line to non-wrap/break

li {
  overflow: hidden; 
  text-overflow: ellipsis;
  white-space: nowrap;


Unused CSS – clean up css stylesheets


Most of *tutorials* about speed optimization that I’v seen talk about minify css, combine them etc… today I’v faced myself (lol) in to a problem… I’m using Flat UI – Free Bootstrap Framework and Theme on a very simple html page. That page will be delivered in a zip file and I just want the HTML itself… So, I want to put the CSS in the HTML but I don’t want the unused stylesheets on it…

So I’v installed CSS remove and combine from Steve McArthur.


Some graphs taken from https://unused-css.com/ about the used/not used CSS selectors/stylesheed.



chart (4) chart (3)s

  • 27% of the CSS selectors are used
  • The cleaned CSS file size is 61% smaller


chart (6) chart (5)

  • Css usage after cleaning 7% of the CSS selectors are used
  • The cleaned CSS file size is 85% smaller


font-family – social icons

Found a nice font-face of social icons!


It’s free for whatever use ( commercial or personal ), both for web or for printing purpose. Licensed under the Open Font License. It is also hosted on GitHub.

This font is based on Mono Social Icons byIconDock and Double-J Design. It adds two more icons to the set : Google Plus andGitHub Alternative Icon.

See it: http://drinchev.github.io/monosocialiconsfont/