Preload images with JavaScript without frameworks

Here’s a good article about how to preload pics/images without frameworks.

There are two scenarios here. Case 1: you just want to load all your images prior to displaying the rest of your page. Whether that’s because you like it this way or you need to get the browser to ‘know’ your images widths and heights first, preload a gallery of images, it does not matter. The arguments for ‘speeding up’ page loads are a bit moot now, with modern connections and modern browsers there are no great benefits to this. Either way, you need to arrange your code in a way that allows you totrigger some event or function when the loading is complete in order to continue displaying your site.

And then, there’s case 2: pre-emptive image loading / cache priming, which is the more interesting use. This is a relatively new trend that involves examining the user’s browsing pattern and anticipating what they do next. For instance, if they are browsing product listings as a result of a search with 100 results (20 per page), it is almost safe to assume they may want to go to page 2 or 3. It is also safe to assume the average user would take a while to finish appraising their results, scroll down and locate the ‘next’ link. This idle slot is where you can put their connection to better use by priming the browser cache with the product thumbnails of the next results page. In this instance, you don’t really care for any onload / oncomplete events, the benefits of the cache will be reaped on the next page instead.

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