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algolia – hosted cloud search as a service




Found Algolia the other day on https://cdnjs.com/.
Looks cool to try to look out it works…
They have a blog where they post some interesting articles about the service…

Moreover, Algolia is very easy to implement on your website as the company opted for a SaaS strategy. It means that you can implement the company’s search engine for database objects in just a few lines of code thanks to its hosted API, feed the service with JSON-formatted data, and customize it to your needs. After that, your users can start searching right away. They will interact with Algolia’s servers without ever leaving your site. With 12 different data centers across the world, Algolia tries to make the experience as responsive as possible for its users.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/20/algolia-grabs-18-3-million-from-accel-for-its-search-api-on-steroids/


Some more readings


In Portugal we have a word similar to Algolia… and it isn’t good!

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Parse JSON files with JQUERY – render, list, sort, search, paginate?


I’m working on a project that needs to improve the user experience on a particular website. The website uses a particular CMS that uses php smarty template and caches some pages… even though the solution isn’t the best!

We pretend to hit the some 30.000 unique visitors/month just in the following 3 months and improve retention/sales.

For this, we will still use the current CMS but we will export all data to JSON files.
This JSON files will be stored on a CDN and will be used to render, on the client side, the content.

On the first approach we tried to use dynatable.com witch has/had some bugs… so I looked for another similar solution and found jPList – jQuery Data Grid Controls jPList – jQuery Data Grid Control.


  • Ascending and descending sorting
  • Sort numbers, text, date and time
  • SELECT and UL/LI sort controls


  • Auto pagination control
  • Google style pagination
  • Items per page control

Filter and Search

  • Any number of textbox filters
  • Any number of dropdown filters
  • Filter by jQuery path or by text content

Toggle Filters

  • Checkbox and radio button filters
  • Button filter controls
  • Range filter controls

Data sources

  • PHP + MySQL / SQLite
  • ASP.NET + Sql Server

HTML Layout

  • Works with DIVs, Tables, Lists, …
  • List, Grid and Thumbs view
  • Responsive controls and layout

JavaScript Templates

  • Handlebars
  • Mustache
  • Any other template engine


  • Supports local storage
  • Supports cookies
  • Has deep links support

CMS and Frameworks

  • WordPress Plugin
  • Groovy, Grails and MySQL
  • NodeJS, Express and MySQL

jQuery UI

  • jQuery UI range slider filter
  • jQuery UI date picker range filter


Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • All modern browsers
  • Mobile Devices

Other Controls

  • Reset button Control
  • Back button Control
  • Counter Controls